“Tiffany is not just a talented bodyworker. She is also a talented intuitive. Trained in Theta Healing, when appropriate with clients, she shares her impressions of unresolved issues impeding optimal body and immune system function. Don’t miss her wonderful combination of talents and presence! .”
— Anonymous client, 2014

Tiffany is one of those people I’ll remember forever as someone who changed my life. Her work allowed me to feel how and where I hold trauma and tension in my body, and how to let go and enter myself with love and breath and finally begin to heal.
— Dana C.

“I have had success in the past with cranio-sacral therapy and massage, but Tiffany takes bodywork to a whole new level. She is professional and intuitive.

I have had chronic back and shoulder pain which flares up under certain conditions; recently I’ve experienced almost all of those conditions at once and was having trouble getting my pain under control again.

Tiffany’s combination of skills and talents has helped me get back on track. She takes the time to get to the root of chronic issues while treating acute problems. If you are ready, she can take you quite deep into emotional areas, too, but seems to understand when it is time to back off and just get those kinks out!

I highly recommend trying Tiffany’s bodywork treatments if you are open-minded and looking for real change, not just a quick-fix massage.”
— Joelle A (College Professor)

Tiffany is the best and I don’t say that lightly. I gave up on body work other than to once and awhile feel good but not trusting that anything could facilitate space for any real shift or change. I started a pretty dedicated asana practice 15 years ago and decided that i would shift my severe curve that way and that no one could really help. My body has shifted so much that when I found Tiffany I was shocked how healing it was. I really never thought help was possible beyond my own discipline. She has softened my particular pattern in a very profound way. It has given me a lot of hope and i trust her with my body emphatically which is a rare statement for me. She is deeply connected and studied. She is fully present with you and can give real lasting relief.
— Katy D.

“I recently started working with Tiffany using the THETA HEALING modality. And the shifts were amazing. It takes a lot of skill to gently guide someone to figuring out what is stuck in the unconscious, without creating more trauma.

You might be able to find someone as good, somewhere on this planet, but I assure you YOU WILL NOT FIND BETTER. Tiffany is just magical!”
— Elea O (Actress)

“Tiffany Hume is wonderful. She is extraordinarily skilled and knowledgeable, and is the only massage therapist I’ve found who takes a health history and discusses it with you before she even begins her massage work. She is very intuitive and seems to know what you need (even if you forget to mention it), and is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She customizes each session, and I’ve experienced long-term health benefits and much less pain for chronic health issues. Try one massage, then sign up for one of her package deals. Seriously.”
— Robin S (Online Marketing Specialist)

“I am deeply touched and known by Tiffany I’ve had cranial-sacral from two other practitioners. Tiffany shines brightest because of two talents, her intuitive ability and training in intuitive arts (Energy Medicine, interpreting body symbology, etc); and, her unusually vibrant balance of male~female energy. Her male~female balance has been very healing for me in itself in our three sessions so far. She remains busy with clients so catch her before she raises her prices!”
— Bruce D (Health Intuitive)

“Tiffany is a genius healing woman who changed my life through Cranio-Sacral therapy.
— Love, Marianna Palka (Writer, Director, Actress and winner of the New Director's Award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival)

“To any of Tiffany’s Website readers who are at their wit’s end due to the pace and stress of daily life; do yourself a favor and contact her. She’s a wonderfully talented and intuitive bodywork therapist. Your tense muscles and high blood pressure will thank you.”
— Tom Bergeron's (TV Host)

Surgery Avoided!! When I started seeing Tiffany, I was on the verge of getting surgery for the chronic pain in my ankle due to how my ankle rolls over when I walk because I have Cerebral Palsy. I have always been very active in my high school and college days. For the past two years I have been suffering with chronic pain in my ankle whenever I walked. That caused me to stop skiing, rock climbing, and other activities. I wanted to try everything i could before committing to non reversible fusion surgery

Tiffany is extremely well versed in many eastern methodology of healing and balancing the body. Since she knows many different techniques, she was able to tailor a program to my needs. Craniosacral therapy, Myofacial Release, Deep Tissue techniques similar to Rolfing and Traeger therapy are just a few methods she implemented into my program.

Within a few months of having weekly sessions with Tiffany, my chronic pain is manageable. I was able to be much more active, the most active i have been in years! Before Tiffany I thought surgery was unavoidable. I felt like a miracle was preformed with all the success I’ve had with Tiffany!
— Christopher H. Marina del Rey, CA

I have seen A LOT of massage therapists or bodywork specialists since 2004 due to a bad car accident, and no one compares to Tiffany!! She is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me so much with neck and back pain, and even other areas (eg. knee pain, digestive tract issues). She addresses areas of the body that others don’t, and I always feel so much better and taller when I leave her. I’ve recommended her to many friends, all of whom have had the same kind of results. I had one friend who was seeing another massage therapist every week for a tight back, and after I finally convinced him to see Tiffany, he raved about standing up straight for the first time in years, and now doesn’t need weekly treatments. I don’t even want to call Tiffany a massage therapist because she is SO much more!! Thank you, Tiffany!!!
— KN N.

Tiffany is extraordinary. She is not only a miracle worker, but she cares about her clients in a way that is rare to find. I came to her with pain in my shoulder that I had been seeking treatment on for almost three years. I tried acupuncture, cupping, cortisone shots, physical therapy - basically everything I could think of. Tiffany was the only one who made the pain permanently go away. I would recommend her to anyone.
— Mahaley P.

“I am a fitness professional. I teach yoga and martial arts on a daily basis. Constant teaching takes it’s toll on the body and mind. I sought Tiffany out to help keep my hard working joints and muscles healthy and bring me back to center.

In addition to incredible relief in my muscles, her cranio-sacral work sent me to a state of such deep relaxation, I have never forgotten that journey. She’s a gifted body worker and anyone who lives in LA should do themselves a favor and schedule a session with her.”
— Maura Barclay (Budokon and Yoga instructor)
I’m so grateful to have found Tiffany. She is truly a gifted healer and bodyworker. I initially went to Tiffany for help with chronic neck and shoulder pain from an injury, and she helped immensely on both a physical and spiritual level—helping me work on opening the tissue and releasing muscles that were gripping but also working on the underlying spiritual release and alignment that was preventing the injury from fully healing. There is always more work to be done, but Tiffany has been an enormous help in recovering. Tiffany has the ability to work very physically and strongly but also incredibly gently and on a more energetic level, and she is intuitive in knowing what might be most helpful. I trust Tiffany and would recommend her to anyone.
— Sara B.

I would highly recommend Tiffany’s massage therapy to those not only looking for relief from body aches and pains, but also those looking for a transformative approach to the integrity of the whole body.”
— Kelli A. Orlando (Writer/Business Owner)
I am so fortunate to have met Tiffany. She is a true healer and intuitively knows how to treat each individual according to his/her specific needs. I sent a friend whose back was in total spasm and she walked out of there, upright for the first time in days. I myself, always leave feeling two inches taller!
— Erica L. Manhattan Beach, CA
What a Gift! Tiffany has an incredible ability to tune into your body’s needs. I felt safe, understood, and for deeply cared for; my session was Tiffany was beautifully healing. It is with her innate compassion, understanding and love that she heals in a most profound way.
— Tamara W.

Ms. Hume, not only has the best set of hands to have ever touched my body, she has this undeniable yet welcoming spiritual quality that goes beyond basic massage therapy/knowledge/practice. Her intention is to heal and she is powerful in doing so because she gets to know her clients and allows you to be vulnerable with her. Her touch/approach/service can’t help but affect your entire constitution of mind, body and spirit. And in all honesty, she is so wonderful @ what she does and it would be impossible not to compare everyone to her, for me. She has a vast and deep knowledge of the body and combines it with this passion she has for living consciously, connectively and honestly; which creates a super amazing and balanced experience for her clients. And I am so grateful to her and what she has done for my being. Indeed, Ms.Hume is not your average massage therapist. She is a healer and a guide!
— Courtney Miller (Painter and Makeup Artist)
Tiffany has a way of knowing just what will heal you. I step into the room and she can just somehow tell where I’m in most need. She has incredible hands (and forearms) and an incredible spirit to match. She makes me feel so at ease. When I finish a session I always feel renewed and balanced.
— Gerard (Shout Factory)
Sessions with Tiffany are special, intense and private. She promotes peace within the body with every session, and her focus leads to incredibly productive and memorable treatments.
— Reshma Anvekar (Massage Therapist)

“Tiffany has a loving and deep approach to massage which makes it a full experience every time.”
— Carenna Willmont (Whole Human Financial, Inc.)

When I walk out of a session with Tiffany, I’m standing up straight with a smile on my face, you can’t ask for much more!
— Danielle Katz (Massage Therapist and Actress)