Lin Morel
MY MENTOR & Spiritual Counselor

Dr. Lin Morel, CEO of the Beyond Words Group Inc., is an internationally renowned speaker, author, and trainer in the field of self-development and peak performance.
For lack of a better word I call her my Spiritual Counselor.
But her work truly is beyond words and has brought many transformations and growth in my life!!!



He is a WIZARD & MASTER HEALER (my words) who supports his patients on a path of self-discovery, whether it is structural, biochemical, emotional, ancestral, and/or spiritual.

“Everyone in his office looks upon the process as a means of increasing consciousness, which in the real sense is the only path to sustainable health.”


Dr. Michael Kooby
Integrative Bio-energetics

Gentle, Non-Force Chiropractic Method "The body is a self-corrective mechanism. Any pain or dysfunction in the body is how the body expresses distortion in consciousness. Those patterns of distortion show up within the structure, emotion and body chemistry as well as the energetic fields”


SAlly ostler


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Bruce Dickson
Health Intuitive 


Jasmine Leib
Therapeutics Yoga Teacher


Dr. Stephen Stiteler
Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Naturopathy


Sophia Marzocchi


Kevin Brewerton
Personal Trainer and Kickboxing Champion


Children's Orphanage and Educational Program
Scott Neeson

Scott was a client for 2 years before he quit his Hollywood film executive position, packed up his life and moved to Cambodia to devote himself to making a difference in these children's lives. What he as created in this short time is quite remarkable. When you donate to this charity you know the money is going directly into the children's education and well being. This man has a heart of gold and has taken in these children as his own.