I often have clients come to me for help with Sciatica. I think this is because I have also dealt with it myself personally so I know the issue intimately.  I have personally often found that most Bodywork or more specifically massage makes Sciatica worse and this is because you are dealing with an impinged and inflamed nerve and a structural issue that is causing the impingement.  Without this knowledge it is all too easy to massage right over the inflamed nerve and cause more inflammation sending the surrounding tissue into spasm thereby compounding the issue.  

When I work with Sciatica I start with Craniosacral Therapy (which is a subtle, unwinding process that is also very specific to aligning the structure, spine, cranium and how they interrelate) to balance the Pelvic bones and unwind the Lumbar vertebrae where the nerve exits the spine.  Then it's important to address where the pelvic imbalance is coming from. Often times there is an old tailbone, pubic bone or pelvic injury.  When the tailbone is curled under or jammed it will then throw off the entire pelvis and Sacroilac Joint (SI)- where the Sciatic nerve exits and this can often rotate the lumbar vertebra.  This then causes the Iliopsoas (Hip Flexor) to go into considerable contraction and sometimes spasm.

The other key to working with Sciatica is to address the instability in the pelvis.  Because of the origin of the imbalance the body has now learned a compensation pattern where the stabilizer muscles have stopped doing their job and the surrounding muscles are
overworking.  The body holds itself together either through stability or tension and all too often it is the latter.  For this element of the equation it is essential to be doing physical exercises that turn on the stabilizer muscles and help to retrain the alignment of the pelvis.  Doing simple things like a suspended 90* chair at the wall squeezing a yoga block between the knees helps stabilize and balance the pelvis.  I also teach my clients a more nuanced, specific pelvic balancing exercise series. 

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Walking up stairs slowly, in parallel consistent alignment helps to activate, strengthen and balance both the psoas and gluts.  Swimming is also very balancing for the pelvis. Sitting and lying around are the worst things you can do for Sciatica as they create more instability in the pelvis and the Sciatic nerve is screaming for stabilization!  The frustrating thing with Sciatica is that after the body has been rebalanced it still takes a day or so for the inflammation to go down and it can be SO Painful!  And this is where the importance of doing stabilizing exercises and lots of icing comes in. 

I've also found that sometimes the Sciatica is originating from the Gut either from a food reaction or some intestinal imbalance such as parasites etc...This will cause the Psoas to seize up which will rotate the whole pelvis and set in motion the pattern that leads to impingement and inflammation of the nerves and surrounding tissues.  I've also seen where extreme menstrual cycles will rotate the uterus which throws off the whole pelvis as well.  This sometimes can show up in conjunction with migraine headaches (extreme menstrual cycles and migraines are an indication that the Endocrine system is out of balance).  Anything that causes inflammation in the body can trigger it.  I've experienced mold neurotoxicity triggering it, Epstein-Barr Virus, heavy metal toxicity...

Psychologically the Pelvis represents our feeling of being able to support ourselves both emotionally, financially etc... and do we feel "stable" in life. Addressing any underlying misbeliefs around not feeling supported (often by the masculine/ father) can be really helpful to clear what set the stage for this imbalance to show up.  Also sexual trauma often shows up in the tissues of the pelvis and can cause the tailbone to tuck under connecting to feelings of shame, victimization, unworthiness...   


by Michael J. Lincoln Ph.D 

says Sciatica can be deep inner pain the person doesn't' want to know which can come from "a denial dominated self-defeating programming dysfunctional family."  

It can have to do with "Creativity-anxiety: concern, anxiety and dread regarding the release and expression of their creative capabilities." 

Issues of being Hypocritical, super self-sufficient but under the "ferocious independence is an 'innocent infant' longing for care and commitment", concern about money, the future, security and safety issues...

It is deeply important to me to create a safe, sacred space where all these levels can be addressed and honored.  



What do I do?:

I have been a student of consciousness, healing and health most of my life.  At a young age I became interested in Spirituality and Psychology and throughout my life sought out numerous forms of healing both physcially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually (PEMS).  I came to these modalities of healing from my own physical challenges, injuries and life traumas.  I have become my own study and after 16yrs. of doing healing work I've learned how we as human beings are all so similar at our core and deal with the same fundamental human challenges, just varying stories.

After receiving my Masters in Spiritual Science from the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness I enrolled in a program I had been on the periphery of for 14 yrs. and I am currently in my second year studying Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica.  This program is truly life changing and I am deeply grateful for the masters who created this work and the gift I have of sharing it's blessings.  

It's difficult to fully describe what I do as my work is multidimensional and really varies from client to client.  I started out doing massage and deep tissue and quickly gravitated to Craniosacral therapy and then over the years just by virtue of doing the work I became much more intuitive and spirit started showing me things I had never studied.  I was already studying spirituality and psychology personally and this inspired me to begin to study more how I could integrate this into my work.  Although much of my work is focused on the body it is actually my intention to clear energetic, mental and emotional blocks as well that are in the way of optimal balance.  For some clients who are wanting this type of work sessions can turn into releasing past traumas and coming into loving relationship with oneself.  My work is really an integration of PEMS.  Some clients choose to focus more on the physical, some come just for Spiritual Counseling and some for the full integration.

What brought me to Craniosacral Therapy:

I came to Craniosacral Therapy after years of being completely reliant on and addicted to chiropractic adjustments at least weekly and was otherwise in severe pain.  The problem was my body never held the adjustments hence why I was reliant on them.  The first time I experienced Craniosacral Therapy it was revelatory for me; a transcendent, euphoric experience and more relief then I had ever had from adjustments.  I was hit in the face with a volleyball when I was 15 yrs. old and this impacted what is called the Maxilla bone (or upper jaw, which spans the whole middle of the face).  This impaction transferred to my upper cervical vertebrae, the atlas and axis, which were chronically out of alignment.  Part of the problem was I didn't receive any bodily assistance for several years after the accident when the pattern was already set in.  When I first had my Maxilla bone released by a Craniosacral therapist I felt the whole border of the sutures of the bone throbbing and balled for an hour.  This bone had been jammed for years and there was so much stuck energy that was released along with intense pain.  When the pain subsided I felt a freedom and space that I had forgotten existed prior.  Now I want to add a disclaimer here; most Cranial adjustments are not painful at all and quite gentle, my body's reaction speaks to how stuck it was and how much I needed that release; it was 100% worth it!  Needless to say I was hooked on Craniosacral Therapy and for the first time since being addicted to Chiropractics experienced my body having lasting changes and not only being able to hold the adjustments but beginning to experience my body "unwinding" and adjusting itself, which by the way it is actually designed to do.  

For years I moved completely away from Chiropractics and found my body becoming more stable.  I have since found a few extremely unique chiropractors that are working more holistically, adjust differently and have helped me tremendously.  There is a time and a place for chiropractic adjustments however when the body chronically misaligns and gets a "quick fix" of a "standard" chiropractic adjustment it begins to rely on this adjustment to rebalance and if done too often the ligament and tendon attachments of the spine can get overstretched and become hyper mobile thereby not being able to hold the adjustments.  What the unique holistic Chiropractors I've worked with understand is you have to address the underlying root cause of the imbalance which may be structural, mental, emotional, hormonal, digestion related or there may be something else such as viral throwing the whole system off.  We are multidimensional beings and our bodies reflect that.  

Craniosacral Therapy grew out of a progression from Chriopractic which addresses the bones of the spine and pelvis and some newer forms of chiropractic are teaching to include the individual bones of the cranium.  Then Osteopathy acknowledged that the bones of the cranium were semi-movable (not fused).  Craniosacral Therapy went underneath the boney structure and brought to light that our pelvis, spine and cranium are all interconnected by an elastic lining called the Dura which pumps the cerebrospinal fluid up and down the spine and throughout the cranium.  Craniosacral Therapy recognized the importance of working from the inside out and by unwinding this internal elastic system and how these bones work rhythmically together the body would naturally come back into it's own optimal balance.  The bones are always meant to be moving in a specific rhythm; however if we have had a trauma to the body such as a whiplash, car accident, impact to the cranium etc. the bones can get jammed, out of alignment or out of sync etc.  And when one bone misaligns since they are all connected by this internal elastic system it can pull out many of it's neighboring friends.  For example when the temporal bones (on the side of the head that the ears sit on top of) are out of balance, the Ilia or pelvic bones usually mimic the same pattern and vice versa.  

When the spine has experienced a trauma or whiplash it can set in motion a pattern of the spine reversing it's natural curvature which can turn into the tailbone tucking under, flattening of the lumbar spine, the head jutting forward and flattening of the neck curvature.  You can imagine this can cause a lot of pain and discomfort in those areas as the surrounding muscles begin to seize up and over grip to account for the misalignment.  The spine's curvature is meant to absorb shock like a spring and without it's natural curve it becomes much more rigid and even more prone to new injuries.  

Creating a Loving Relationship with our Bodies and with ourselves:

I was talking with a new client who has experienced neck pain for years and that she is constantly trying to keep her neck in alignment.  As I observed her talking about it and what she was doing I could see it was coming from good awareness but that the approach was forceful and an attempt to control her body.  When our bodies have been misaligned for years it is it's natural job to compensate around the imbalance; so it's not always possible to just "push" the head and neck back to where they "should" be without addressing the whole equation and retraining the whole body.  I suggested that when she is focusing on aligning her neck to send Love and Light to her neck (or you could just simply think of breathing into the muscles and bringing in relaxation if that sounds too weird).  At first she gawked at this "woo-woo" suggestion saying that's not gonna make any difference; but as she went about her week she decided to give it a try and was surprised how it would soften her neck, she felt less pain, and at the very least was just more relaxed about her relationship to her neck.  She also shared what I would interpret as a new found empowerment within her body; less of a feeling of hopelessness that this pain will always be there.  What I reflected back to her is that we are not our bodies.  These are just the vehicles we are traveling in as we experience being human.  We actually are Energy or Light beings at our essence and choosing this focus helps to remind us that the pains, discomforts and imbalances are just experiences we have had that we can release and the body can truly remember it's optimal balance and divine blueprint, sometimes it just needs a little help and that's where I come in.


When the spine goes into reverse curvature it can also turn into upper back rounding and eventually worst case scenario, severe hunch back.  This pattern also illustrates that the person who is rounding forward and hunching over is pulling out of their own heart energy center or chakra.  This can be an indication of deep unresolved unworthiness material which is a denial of self often accompanied by shame etc...  This is actually a very common core issue for many people.  It can be scary to stand in the full empowerment of our authentic selves.  And also society actually rewards and encourages fear based thinking and victimhood.  This is where the work is all interrelated.  

As we release old limiting misidentifications with unworthiness etc. and come into Loving relationship within ourselves we naturally relate to our bodies differently and come into greater balance.  And as we release physical blocks which always have a mental and emotional element and balance physically we naturally feel better mentally and emotionally and are more connected to the clear channel of our spirit speaking through us guiding our life's inspiration and purpose.